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weather forecast for 28/07/2015 - Pomeriggio

Temperatura max: 24°
Probabilità prec.: bassa

weather forecast for 29/07/2015 - Mattino

Temperatura min: 12°
Probabilità prec.: alta

weather forecast for 29/07/2015 - Pomeriggio

Temperatura max: 27°
Probabilità prec.: alta

weather forecast for 30/07/2015 - Mattino

Temperatura min: 11°
Probabilità prec.: media

weather forecast for 30/07/2015 - Pomeriggio

Temperatura max: 22°
Probabilità prec.: alta

weather forecast for 31/07/2015 - Giornata

Temperatura min:
Temperatura max: 25°
Probabilità prec.: molto bassa

weather forecast for 01/08/2015 - Giornata

Temperatura min:
Temperatura max: 28°
Probabilità prec.: media
giorno prec.giorno succ.


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Alpe Lusia Trentino Dolomites Italy

Ski Area Alpe Lusia Dolomiti Superski Ski Area Alpe Lusia Val di Fassa Trentino Italy Summer holidays Alpe Lusia

Ski area Alpe Lusia - Dolomiti Superski


MOENA: from June 21st to September 13rd, 2015
OPENING TIME: 08.30 – 13.00 / 14.00 –18.00

BELLAMONTE: from June 21st to September 20th, 2015
OPENING TIME : 09.00 – 13.00 / 14.00 –17.30

In WINTER modern ski lifts offer access to a ski area suitable for all types of skiers, ideal for experts, beginners and families. The ski area can be accessed from two locations: one a few kilometres from Moena towards Passo S. Pellegrino, the other from Bellamonte via Predazzo.

The ski resort is part of Dolomiti Superski, the largest ski area in the world, where a single ski pass provides access to 12 different ski areas all within the unforgettable landscape of the Dolomites, included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage list.

Hiking and MTB in Trentino Dolomites

In SUMMER there are numerous trails and excursions to enjoy in the Lusia Alps-Bellamonte area - on foot or MTB, through mountain pastures, meadows and enchanted woods, enjoy the silence of  our pristine environment.


3 Skipass Exclusive

The wide range of ski passes available sets us apart...

Choose from the following ski pass options:

  • Dolomiti Superski - available from any of our offices; 
  • Tre Valli - available from the Moena ski pass office; 
  • Val di Fiemme/Obereggen - available from the Bellamonte ski pass office.


Ski Area Alpe Lusia - Dolomiti

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Alpe Lusia ski area. Where is

The additions to the ski resort of Alpe Lusia are two: one from a few kilometers from Moena, in Passo San Pellegrino, the other in Bella Monte driveway of Predazzo ...